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A Chippendale Off the Old Block


Polywood Chippendale 7 Piece Dining Set

Chippendale - the Man and the Design

The furniture design called "Chippendale" comes from a popular forerunner that became fashionable in the years 1775 to 1800. It was named for the talented cabinetmaker named Thomas Chippendale. This style saw immense popularity, which was impressive considering that this was the height of old English furniture design and manufacturing. In particular, what made Chippendale's design great was the fact that every other major style had been named after a king - after all, this was the latter end of the power of the Monarchy system in England and elsewhere. Chippendale was no king, and his popularity resounded with the people. His craftmanship would reach all corners of the world.

The word itself - Chippendale - when used to refer to the style actually finds its origins in a book published in 1754 which sought to catalog the most widely known furniture designs and styles. The book was published in London under the amusing title The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director. A host of designers found their master designs in this first-of-its-kind publication, but there is little doubt that the best of all, and the one who found the most fame in the coming decades were the designs of Thomas Chippendale. The book was a best-seller of sorts while spreading across continents, and the designs of Mr. Chippendale were being used everywhere from local English shops to the American colonies.

Polywood Chippendale Garden Bench

The Chippendale style is not hard to miss, although it has many variations. Wooden tables and chairs are often adorned with the familiar graceful style. In truth, Chippendale style is termed "modified Rococo" because of its muted relation with the artistic era known as the Rococo. However, elements of Gothic could be added to the style which produced furniture with pointed arches and S-curves - and imitated the glazing bars that fortified Gothic stained glass windows. These fortified bars can be seen in some of the styles offered by the Polywood Chippendale line sold by All Garden Benches. These products represent a harmony of varied elements from the breadth of Chippendale style.

The traditional wood used in this era of furniture design and manufacturing was mahogany. These pieces were usually quite expensive and ornate - so the normal patrons for any kind of furniture shop would be the upper middle and wealthy classes. Nevertheless, Chippendale design made its way into everyday pieces common to country folk. The garden bench was no exception - the habits of old Englanders and Americans alike put them out in their gardens during the twilight air - and what could do more for one's comfort than a refined Chippendale garden bench or garden chair? Where mahogany wasn't available, local markets supplied the demand for this style with whatever indigenous wood was available.

Polywood Chippendale Garden Armchair

All Garden Benches offers the Chippendale style through its Polywood line - and in several different products. We offer it in the Polywood Chippendale Garden Bench, the Chippendale Garden Glider, the matching Polywood Chippendale Garden Chairs, or a full 7 piece Polywood Chippendale Dining Set (also available in a 5 piece). The elegant design of the past era of colonial America, Imperial England, and the peak age of furniture design and manufacturing - indeed the very heart of Thomas Chippendale's style - can be found in your very garden. Take a closer look today - you will not be dissappointed by the harmonizing of this old world classic and modern outdoor furniture quality.

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