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Why A Garden Bench Will Complete A Garden


Making A Place of Rest

It is true that a garden, orchard, or outdoor green space can be one of the most peaceful places in one’s life. For many

POLYWOOD Chippendale Garden Bench

people, the garden is a place of both work and rest, and yet, we find ourselves spending most of our time working that garden! We tend to forget the resting part, which is quite necessary and built into the daily and weekly rhythm of our lives. So, while it is easy to provide more work for oneself in the garden, one must also try and make rest possible in the outdoor space. That all starts with a great Garden Bench.

Sometimes we fear that adding such an artificial item to a natural space – like a piece of furniture – will somehow disrupt the beauty of that space. But this is not true. That space – whether it be a garden, a grove of trees, or just a series of flowerbeds – is there because you (or someone) worked to put it there. You are a natural part of that space and your presence there is actually what creates that beauty. Think about it – the order of the flower choices, the planning of the vegetable rows, the decision for which fruit trees to plant, the walls and stone paths – it is all ordered by your planning. The last item to add, is the careful addition of the perfect garden bench so that you can take up your rest!

You Provide the Space, We Provide The Benches

All Garden Benches provides a wide variety of garden benches that make a very natural, comfortable, and beautiful fit for your garden. Realize that your garden is not complete without it. You have put in the work to create that beautiful space, but now you must make that place of rest – and use it! – by adding a beautiful wooden or stone bench – which when placed properly, appear as natural as the soil. Human beings are curious in their desire to build furniture – and yet this is exactly what we need to enjoy the outdoor space. We need a place to sit, relax, and take in nature. Part of our desire at All Garden Benches is to give you a variety of choices from the highest quality garden furniture to meet this need.

Where To Put A Garden Bench

Choosing a place for your bench is not too complicated. As a general rule, place your garden bench where it is easy to get to, but in a place somewhat separate from your home. After all, you don’t want to offer the perfect place to sit which is difficult to get to or too close to the distractions of your house. Next, make sure that when you sit in that spot on that garden bench, your view of your garden or orchard space is…perfect. The goal, remember, is to be able to enjoy that space. You wouldn’t want your view to be heavily obscured by hanging tree branches, or a high stone wall, nor would you want the bench situated in an area that is too low or too high compared with the surrounding terrain. Your garden bench, when placed properly, can allow you the sense of being absorbed into nature, whether it be tucked away in a grove of trees, or in the corner of your outdoor space.

POLYWOOD Vineyard Garden Bench

So, if you have an outdoor living space, you must complete that area with a garden bench, swing, or even a dining table with chairs. Take some time to browse through our selection of benches and furniture. Figure out what would fit into your peaceful garden space. Imagine yourself, when your labors are through, enjoying the rest that is offered by time spent in the outdoors. Complete your garden with a garden bench from All Garden Benches.

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