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The Charm of Adirondack Chairs



adirondacks.jpgThe Charm of Adirondack Chairs

Recently, All Garden Benches added several Adirondack style chairs to its line of products. These quality, comfortable chairs are worth considering if you are looking for relaxing outdoor furniture. All Garden Benches featured Adirondack chairs are built and manufactured by Wood Country Furniture, one of our favored vendors. They are beautiful, strong, and perfect for outdoor living comfort. We decided to provide our customers with some insight into the history of the Adirondack style, and feature a few products that make use of this style.

The origin of the Adirondack chair – as with many great furniture styles – can be found in the phrase “Necessity is the mother of all invention.” In 1903 Mr. Thomas Lee was vacationing in the Adirondack Mountains of Wesport, New York when his “necessity” became apparent: he needed a comfortable chair with which to gaze upon the mountainscapes and enjoy the great outdoors. So, after several designs tested on his family, the “Westport Plank Chair” – as it was first called – found its core design. Once he was satisfied with the concept, Mr. Lee passed along his design to a carpenter friend named Harry Bunnell. Now, it is uncertain whether Bunnell obtained permission from Mr. Lee or not – but nevertheless, Bunnell immediately saw the commercial value in this new style and obtained a patent for the design. The next twenty years provided Bunnell with great success selling the Wesport Plank Chair, which was slowly renamed the Adirondack Chair – since so many customers began to associate the style with those beautiful mountain peaks of New York.

Today’s descendants of the Western Plank Chair, and the now universally known Adirondack style, usually features a rounded top back, contoured seat, and wide, flat arms – a favorite spot for a beverage. Because of the comfortable and laid back nature of the style, these chairs are used on patios, decks, beach homes, gardens, poolsides, riversides, and anywhere else there is need to enjoy the outdoors. The Adirondack style is made with a variety of types of wood – everything from cedar to recycled plastic lumber. All Garden Benches features the Adirondack chair in a variety of wood options and styles.

Adirondack Chair

In particular, we’d like to show you the Wood Country Adirondack Chair. As you can see in the photograph, this chair is strong – with thick arms and legs, and comfortable back and seat. If you are looking for long-lasting quality in an Adirondack chair, you can count on the durable construction of Wood Country products. There are very few Adirondack chairs on the market with this kind of presence and lasting strength, and that is why All Garden Benches recommends it. Made from kiln-dried high grade Western Red Cedar, this chair will look great as part of your outdoor living arrangement.

Also part of the Wood Country collection is the T&L Adirondack Chair. While a bit smaller than its counterpart, it is still a very strong piece of furniture.

If you have children or host the family get together, you will also need to take a look at the Wood Country Child’s Adirondack Chair. This adorable addition will make your little ones love to sit outside and relax – they will feel like one of the grown-ups! Comfortable and contoured for children, this chair is sure to please your guests who bring their little ones along. Adding this to your set of Adirondack chairs will surely complete the visual appeal of your natural living area.

For those who are looking for something a little bit smaller, we mention the Wood Country Idaho Adirondack Chair. This chair is strong and durable, just like the other Adirondack chairs, but it is a bit smaller and more affordable.

And if you happen to have a companion to sit with in your outdoor living area, well then you might want to check out the Adirondack Loveseat built by All Things Cedar. The loveseat provides the same level of style and comfort that the Adirondack chairs would, but is made for two!

So if you are looking for the Adirondack character for your outdoor furniture, All Garden Benches has what you need. Check out our store today to search for Adirondack chairs.

Child's Adirondack Chair

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