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Why Every Gardener Needs a Potting Bench


Master Gardener's Potting BenchPotting Benches Make Work More Enjoyable

You may be new to gardening, or you may call yourself a seasoned gardener. There is one thing that every gardener knows. The work is...well, work. There is something about gardening and tilling the earth that recalls our distance past and helps us understand who we are as human beings. It brings us great satisfaction when we work with the earth. That is why both new and old gardeners will respond when asked, "Why do you keep gardens?" with, "Well...its enjoyable." And yet, the reality is, gardening is tough work. In some sense, the harder one works, the more joy one receives from gardening. But everyone agrees that there is not much point in ruining one's body or tiring oneself out to the point where no further gardening can be done! That is why tools like a potting bench are the key to a long life of gardening.

There are many different styles of gardening benches. The most common type of wood used to build strong, long-lasting garden benches is cedar. That is because cedar provides excellent protection from weathering. It is able to withstand the elements. Though after time cedar will turn a soft gray color, the process can slowed successfully with yearly cleaning, light sanding, and varnish applications. Either way, the wood remains strong and effective in providing the gardener with a place to work - at arm's level - and to organize one's tools and supplies.

Three Examples of Great Potting Benches

If you are looking for an all-in-one garden potting bench, then the Master Gardener's Cedar Potting Bench is for you (shown upper left). Made of kiln-dried Western Red Cedar, this pleasing and helpful potting bench will allow you to organize and efficiently establish your yearly gardens. Lots of storage space on the shelves above and below, and an added accessory package that provide side bins and a towel bar.

A smaller, quaint potting bench would be something like the Deluxe Cedar Potting Bench, shown to the right. Deluxe Cedar Potting BenchThough not as large as the Master Gardener's Bench, it does provide a strong, clean working surface and lower storage. This might work better in an environment where a smaller bench fits the natural surroundings. As with the Master Gardener's Bench, it is made of kiln-dried Western Red Cedar and looks spectacular.

Another great potting bench with a unique design is the Cedar Potting Bench from Cedar Creek Products. Customers appreciate the care put into designing this bench with its simple yet aesthetic cedar panels. Ample storage, a large work area, and durable construction allows All Garden Benches to continue providing this bench to our customers. Larger than the Deluxe Cedar Potting Bench, but slightly smaller than the Master Cedar Potting Bench (Cedar Creek)Gardener's Potting Bench, this bench is somewhere in between, yet providing a full potting and gardening experience.

Pick Up Your Potting Bench Today

All three of these strong work benches provide just the kind of help that every gardener needs to make his or her work more enjoyable. Not only will a bench like these save your back, it will also make your garden look professional and organized.

So, whether it is you yourself who needs one of these potting benches, or the gardening friend in your life, let All Garden Benches provide you with these great products that will bring the joy back to the garden. Remember, these products come with free shipping. The price you see is the price you pay. Once one of these benches arrives at your door, you will be ready to enjoy gardening for years to come.

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